Cycle map Northwest Skåne NR 3

Cycle map Northwest Skåne NR 3

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Map sheet 3

It is no wonder that Skåne has attracted artists with its open landscape, the proximity to the sea and the light. Bjärehalvön and Båstad bring to mind swimming and perhaps tennis in the latter case. Here in northwestern Scania is the transition to the picturesque Halland coast with towns such as Laholm and Halmstad which are at the top of the map. Cycle map Northwest Scania gives a detailed picture of the cycle paths in northwest Scania.

In the southwest at the bottom of the map is Helsingborg, at the far east is Hässleholm. Other towns included are Bjuv, Klippan, Ljungbyhed and Perstorp.

All information in the map is available in Swedish, English and German.

Our maps are:
Always the latest release
Clearly marked cycle paths and suggestions for cycle tours
The surface of the marked trails is shown, gravel or asphalt
Printed on polyart, a durable and completely water-resistant material