Cycle map Northern Småland coast NR 16

Cycle map Northern Småland coast NR 16

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Map sheet 16

When one of the cycle paths is called Dacketrampet, those interested in history understand that we are in Småland, more specifically in the areas that the map of the northern Småland coast shows. Nils Dacke was a rebel/hero of freedom who was defeated by Gustav Vasa in the 16th century. The roof ramp leads, among other things, to Hultsfred, which has made itself known in the context of festivals. Otherwise, there is much that sounds familiar to those who like Astrid Lindgren's Emil in Lönneberga. Lönneberga and Vimmerby are right here. A pearl on the coast is Västervik, where you can cycle to enjoy the festival of wisdom. Cycle map Northern Småland coast gives a detailed picture of the cycle paths in northern Småland.

On the northern map sheet, Kisa is found in the farthest west, and then Överum, Gamleby, Edsbruk and Loftahammar come in an eastern direction. On the southern part of the cycling map, you will find Västervik up in the northeast. Other towns included are Gunnebo, Ankarsrum, Vimmerby and Hultsfred in the south.

All information in the map is available in Swedish, English and German.

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