Cycle map Southeast Scania NR 2

Cycle map Southeast Scania NR 2

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Map sheet 2

In Skåne, distances are short and cycling is classic. Here in the southeastern part is Österlen with its picturesque fishing villages and a fertile agricultural landscape. The sandy beaches are white and the chefs are close to the ingredients. When it comes to attractions, there are, for example, the well-preserved medieval castle Glimmingehus and the magnificent shipwreck Ales stenar in Kåseberga. Cycle map South-eastern Scania gives a detailed picture of the cycle paths in the south-eastern part of Scania.

The cycling map stretches from Kristianstad in the northeast to Eslöv in the east and Ystad in the south. Other cities that are on the cycle map are Åhus, Kivik, Simrishamn, Tomellilla, and Skurup.

All information in the map is available in Swedish, English and German.

Our maps are:
Always the latest release
Clearly marked cycle paths and suggestions for cycle tours
The surface of the marked trails is shown, gravel or asphalt
Printed on polyart, a durable and completely water-resistant material